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About Daylight Solutions


Daylight Solutions’ mission is to be the leading provider of “Best in Class” mid-infrared sources and systems into defense, commercial, and research markets. We provide our customers with a sustainable, competitive advantage in molecular detection and imaging applications through our global leadership position in advanced, mid-infrared technology.


Company Overview

Daylight Solutions was founded in January, 2005 by three high tech entrepreneurs. Today the company consists of 60 people who share a vision of developing and advancing breakthrough technologies and products that benefit society in meaningful ways. Since its inception, Daylight Solutions has differentiated itself by delivering unique and highly advanced “Best in Class” products and services.

Daylight Solutions’ molecular detection and imaging products consist primarily of lasers, sensors, and imaging systems, all of which leverage the company’s mid-infrared, quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology. This core technology provides a versatile platform from which new products are developed, allowing the company to serve markets that include Scientific Research, Life Sciences, Defense, and Commercial.

The company is committed to innovation and introduced the world’s first broadly tunable mid-infrared laser system for scientific research, the world’s first semiconductor-based laser for protecting aircraft against shoulder-fired missiles, and the world’s first mid-infrared laser-based microscope for real-time biochemical imaging and material analysis.

Daylight Solutions consists of two separate business units. In 2009 the company created a wholly owned subsidiary to address the specific requirements of the defense industry.  As a subsidiary, Daylight Defense developed the business and manufacturing infrastructure necessary to deliver classified, military-hardened products to the government. The Commercial business unit supports all other non-defense activities ranging from life sciences to industrial and consumer products.

Daylight Solutions and Daylight Defense are both ISO-9001 certified and possess advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Daylight Solutions has managed over $90M developing and delivering its technology and products. With a long list of patents, best in class performance, and many innovation awards to its credit, Daylight Solutions is considered the world leader in mid-infrared molecular detection and imaging.

Corporate Headquarters

Daylight Solutions, Inc.
15378 Avenue of Science
San Diego, CA 92128


Executive Management

Dr. Timothy Day
   CEO & CTO

Paul Larson
   President & COO

Dr. Bill Chapman
   VP Engineering

Investor Relations

Daylight Solutions is a privately held company, and has raised over $30M in three rounds of equity funding.

For information, contact :

Michelle Molina, IR Manager