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Hedgehog™ - Introducing the Industry's First Compact, Rapid-Scan CW-Pulsed Mid-IR Laser.

Feb 15, 2016 -

Hedgehog™ – tune up to 400 cm-1 at >1000 cm-1/s! Introducing the Industry’s First Compact, Rapid-Scan CW-Pulsed Mid-IR Laser.

A radically new design, built on Daylight’s proven QCL technology, the new Hedgehog is Daylight’s next-generation tunable laser head. Hedgehog is a unique combination of small size, high-quality CW or pulsed output, high power, and high tuning speed. Hedgehog enables rapid acquisition of molecular spectra with high accuracy, repeatability and SNR. The new Hedgehog is ideal for laboratory use or OEM applications, and is available now! Please download the Hedgehog datasheet and contact us to learn more.


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Leigh Bromley
Daylight Solutions, Inc.