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Defense Products

Daylight Defense has commercialized several products that address critical demands from military applications. From high power, multi-color laser systems for aircraft protection, to wearable, battery operated multi-spectral beacons to prevent friendly fire incidents, these products provide reliable protection for the warfighter. Proven through numerous field tests and engagement scenarios, Daylight’s technology is ready To Protect With Light™...

Pointers & Beacons


The Commander’s Tactical Pointer (COMTAP™) provides long range Mid-Wave InfraRed and/or Long-Wave InfraRed pointing and marking capabilities for ground forces. Applications such as target hand-off can be conducted with a portable, handheld laser pointer that operates with airborne and soldier-carried thermal imaging cameras to enhance mission effectiveness.


The INCA™ multi-spectral beacon provides increased survivability for applications that include personnel rescue, combat identification/IFF and situational awareness. These devices provide operation in both MWIR and LWIR thermal bands, IR band, and the visible band. INCA™ provides user-selection of any or all colors and has greater than 3 km range capability.

Aircraft Survivability


Solaris™ is the most mature of Daylight’s family of high power, military ruggedized laser systems for DIRCM applications. Solaris™ has been adopted as the laser source for Northrop Grumman’s CIRCM solution, their 5th generation IRCM technology for warfighter protection.

Solaris™ provides fast, simultaneous breaklock jamming with high power in multiple colors to defeat current and future threats. Its solid state design provides high reliability with all-weather, all-altitude operation. Solaris™ has been validated over 1,000’s of hours of environmental testing and end-to-end system testing to ensure long term performance.


Now in its 3rd generation, Daylight’s JammIR™ Series A laser system has been designed to support distributed aperture infrared countermeasures (DAIRCM) system architectures. The Series A laser systems have been flight tested on several aircraft, including the MH-60 and AH-1Z.

JammIR™ Series A laser systems integrate a 6-port optical switch that allows the output to be coupled to any individual port within 0.1 seconds. Each port has been designed to mate with a military ruggedized fiber optic cable, which is used to distribute the laser output throughout the aircraft.