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New ChemDetect™ High-Speed Mid-IR Molecular Sensor

Daylight Solutions announces ChemDetect™—a high-speed OEM/turnkey molecular sensor platform. It’s high-brightness, broad-tuning, fast-scan quantum cascade laser engine provides multi-species detection of a host of gas-, liquid-, or solid-phase molecules, and a dynamic range spanning PPB to %. Please download the ChemDetect datasheet, and contact us to learn more.


Daylight Solutions is the industry leader in Sensor and Imaging applications based on mid-infrared, Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology. We have delivered more systems to more customers in more applications than all other QCL-based solution providers combined.


With over 1,000,000 hours of life test, Daylight Solutions delivers products that meet the demands of the industrial landscape. We leverage the experienced gained from our hardened military-grade products to ensure the highest quality solutions for industrial applications.


With capabilities such as our Swept Sensor™ technology, systems can sample 1,000’s of times per second – enabling faster measurements, or greater averaging to achieve increased sensitivity.  Coupled with our on-board analytical software, customers are assured of high quality – and differentiating – performance.


Daylight Solutions partners with our customers to develop next-generation products that meet emerging market requirements. Our proven Product Development Process assures customer visibility, minimizes risk, and accelerates time to market.

Talk To Us

Whether you’re looking for an OEM “sensor engine,” or a full system level solution, Daylight Solutions is the team that delivers. Contact us to see how we can increase your market share with innovative solutions based on our mid-infrared technology.