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Life Sciences: Capabilities


Daylight Solutions is the leader in design, development, and manufacture of Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) based systems for molecular profiling, and imaging. For over eight years, Daylight has delivered highly advanced instruments to the research community.


With over 1,000,000 hours of life test, Daylight Solutions understands quality and reliability.  We leverage the experience gained from the precision of our Scientific Research line, and the ruggedness of our military-grade products, to ensure high reliability in Life Science applications.



Daylight Solutions is committed to advancing the cause of Life Sciences by delivering solutions that provide unmatched performance. Over 80 publications highlight the research achievements made possible only through the Best in Class performance of Daylight Solutions’ systems.


Daylight Solutions partners with researchers and industry leaders to develop next generation products for the Life Sciences community. We leverage our world class Product Development Process to create advanced products that transition to Daylight’s scalable manufacturing line.

Talk To Us

Whether your company is looking to advance research with a revolutionary product, or to develop an innovative clinical instrument to expand market share, contact us to see how we can work together to achieve your goals. Daylight is the team that delivers.