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Über Tuner™ Broad Tuning Pulsed Lasers

Daylight Solutions is proud to offer the Über Tuner™ series of broadly tunable ECqcL™ (External Cavity quantum cascade Lasers). These pulsed lasers allow unprecedented access to high-brightness coherent light in the mid-IR. We now offer up to 350 cm-1 or 2.4 µm of tunability from a single-chip platform with narrow linewidth and easy tunability. The Über Tuner™ also offers higher powers – up to 400 mW.

The broad tuning of the Über Tuner™ series lasers are just right for sensing and stand-off detection experiments as well as solid and liquid phase spectroscopy and imaging. Daylight Solutions - The source for all applications in the Mid-IR.

The Über Tuner™ product series have been enhanced to offer even more tunability per system. The ÜT-10 now offers ≥2.4 µm of tunability from 10.0 to 12.4 µm.


  • ≥ 350 cm-1 or 2.4 µm tuning
  • Available wavelengths: 4.3,6.8, 8.3, 9.1, & 10.8 µm
  • Peak power: up to 400 mW
  • Average power: up to 20 mW
  • Linewidth: ≤ 1 cm-1 FWHM
  • No water cooling necessary


  • Wide spectral coverage – capture more spectroscopic features
  • Almost complete coverage with the fewest lasers in 4.0-12.4 µm region
  • High brightness sources for long-distance interactions
  • High signal to noise
  • Excellent spectral resolution
  • Economical upgrade path
  • Easy to use, convenient

Product Details

Daylight Solutions is pleased to provide the Über Tuner™, the next generation in broadly tunable mid-IR lasers based on quantum cascade technology. Tunability spans the mid-IR spectrum from 4 μm to 12.4 μm with continuous tuning of up to 350 cm-1. All lasers offer superb wavelength accuracy and stability throughout their tuning range.
Designed by the world’s leading experts in tunable lasers, these sources are small, robust, and utilize specially-designed patented[1] micro-lens system to optimize system performance. Each system integrates TEC technology for behind-the-scenes temperature control, so no cryogenic or water cooling is required.
Each Über Tuner™ ships with a compact, next-generation SideKick controller. SideKick provides flexible, precise control of laser: power; wavelength; temperature; scan speed; and pulse parameters. And all while protecting your gain chip with Daylight’s proven High-Fidelity Quantum Cascade Drive (HFQD™) circuitry. SideKick’s USB/Ethernet connectivity also provides elegant local/remote control and diagnostics, and multiple wavelength tuning and triggering modes.
Daylight Solutions’ overall system leverages the last 15 years of tunable laser development and manufacturing, and incorporates the company’s latest patented[2] tuning and packaging technology for the mid-IR.
The performance of the world’s leading broadly tunable lasers in the 4 μm to 12 μm region of the spectrum has now been expanded. The new Über Tuner™ offers the broadest coverage in a single-chip system.
Common applications include industrial process control, the detection of biomarkers in the breath, cellular imaging, and the detection of chemical and biological agents. These lasers enable application research in the field of molecular detection and imaging, stand-off detection and molecular spectroscopy. 
Daylight Solutions' mid-IR laser platform technology opens up the mid-IR to all researchers—today.
Call today for pricing and availability.

[1] US Patent 7,535,656
[2] US Patents 7,535,936, 7,492,806, and 7434,042


Product Specifications
Center Wavelength (µm)
Minimum Tuning (µm)
Peak power (mW) note 1
Operation Pulsed Only
Optical Parameters
Power Variation <5% pulse to pulse, <2% avg. over 1 hr.
Linewidth <1 cm-1 FWHM
Beam Divergence <5 mrad
Beam Waist 30–50 cm Typical (from exit port)
Polarization Vertically Polarized, 100:1
Pointing Stability <1.5 mrad up to 100 cm-1 tuning
Spot Size Minimum <2.5 mm Diameter
Beam Quality TEM00
Electrical Parameters
Pulse Width 40 to 500 nsec (20 ns increments)
Pulse Repetition Frequency 0.1 to 100 kHz (0.1 kHz increments)
Duty Cycle Up to 5%
Triggering Internal and External Pulse, External Trigger
Scanning Uni- and Bi-directional survey scan, Start, Stop, Step, Pause scanning programmable
External Interface USB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100


Industries & Applications

  • Photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS)
  • Hyperspectral imaging

  • Explosives Detection
  • Chemical warfare agent detection
  • Infrared countermeasures (IRCM)
  • Illumination
  • Photoacoustic spectroscopy
  • Standoff detection research
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Remote sensing
Life Sciences
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Breath analysis
  • Glucose monitoring

  • Process control
  • Fence line monitoring
  • Toxic industrial chemicals detection
  • Gas leak detection
  • Combustion diagnostics
  • Atmospheric research
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Toxic industrial chemicals detection
  • Greenhouse gas monitoring (GHG)

Literature & Downloads


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Daylight Solutions Logo
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