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  • Dr. Timothy Day

    VP / General Manager

    Dr. Timothy Day is a cofounder of Daylight Solutions and serves as the CEO and CTO for the company. Dr. Day has over 20 years’ experience in both technical and business management in the photonics industry. He has led engineering, research, product development, manufacturing, and marketing operations. He started his career as a cofounder of New Focus, where he served from 1990 through 2004. During his time at New Focus, he was involved in all aspects of the company’s history, concluding with his work on the sale of the company to Bookham Technology PLC for $338M. While at New Focus he also contributed to the raising of over $500M though public and private equity offerings. From 1990 to present, while at New Focus and Daylight Solutions, Dr. Day has developed extensive patent and product portfolios and transferred numerous products into production, both onshore and overseas. Dr. Day has extensive technical knowledge and experience, and is considered an expert in the field of photonics.

    Dr. Day holds both a BS and an MS in Physics from San Diego State University and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

  • Paul Larson

    Executive Vice President (EVP) of Strategy and Business Operations

    Paul Larson is a cofounder of Daylight Solutions and serves as the company’s President and COO. He is a seasoned executive with over 25 years’ experience managing business operations and developing leading-edge technologies. Mr. Larson has held senior management positions with successful start-ups such as San Diego-based Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC), and Qualcomm Inc. As Director of ASIC Programs for Qualcomm, Mr. Larson contributed significantly to the company’s early efforts to establish a commercially viable ASIC division, generating over $600M in revenue during its third year. Mr. Larson also contributed to business operations of larger, global companies such as Ericsson, where he was Director of Business Management.

    Mr. Larson began his career as an Electrical Engineer with Motorola’s Integrated Circuits Research Applications Laboratory (MICARL). He holds a BSEE from the United States International University and an MBA from San Diego State University.

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