STEM Outreach

At DRS Daylight Solutions we believe that ‘Good Causes can be Great Business’. This drives our enthusiasm for developing laser-based products that protect aircraft, ground vehicles, and soldiers and our cancer diagnostics microscopes, drug development instruments, and lasers for basic research. Our motto is To Protect with Light!

Good causes also drive our enthusiasm for STEM Outreach. As leaders in our field (Photonics and related business, engineering, and science fields), we believe we all have a responsibility to pass on our passion and learnings to the next generation. Through the Daylight Solutions STEM Community, we are able to connect to our local San Diego community, expand photonics education and awareness, expand STEM enthusiasm into the next generation of engineers and scientists, and have a ton of fun!  Please look at all we are doing and connect with us on more ideas you would love to see us launch. Thank you for joining us in this good cause!


Our Mission is to share our love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with San Diego County youth, through demonstration, education and mentoring in the area of photonics and its related disciplines.


Our Vision is to cultivate a smarter, kinder, safer, and more beautiful world by inspiring a passion in youth to learn, develop, and apply photonics-based knowledge in their education and careers.


The DRS Daylight Solutions Photonics Awards program is operated by our STEM Outreach Committee as part of its charter. The program aims to provide support to local K-12 educators in their pursuit of STEM enrichment opportunities for their students.