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High-performance lasers from UV to infrared for the most challenging applications

DRS Daylight Solutions, a line of business under Leonardo DRS, provides photonics solutions to researchers, industry allies, and system manufacturers. Daylight specializes in manufacturing high-performance lasers across the spectrum from UV to IR, offering capabilities in broad tuning, narrow linewidth, and high power. The company’s core technologies include a family of quantum cascade lasers (QCL-IR), external cavity diode lasers (EC-DLs), and custom laser engines. Daylight’s lasers are deployed worldwide in a diverse array of applications, including aerospace and defense, life sciences, and material inspection. As a team of dedicated innovators, Daylight designs new technologies that aim to enable what’s next in scientific and technological advancements for those who are driving innovation forward.


Our laser technology can be customized for a wide range of applications in the scientific, life sciences, defense, and industrial communities.

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