H-Model Mid-IR Laser

High Power, Fixed Wavelength

Our H-Model Mid-IR Laser offers high-power, mid-IR laser performance in a compact footprint. It’s based on the most advanced, reliable quantum cascade lasers on the market, making it suitable for a variety of OEM applications. Wavelengths ranging from 4 to 11 µm allow you to select the model that meets your specific application requirements. Multiple wavelengths can be aggregated to provide broad spectral output. Alternatively, the same wavelengths can be combined to scale power output.

The H-Model laser modules provide best-in-class optical performance, with near-diffraction-limited, watt-level output. Each module can be operated in CW or pulsed mode.


Features & Benefits:

  • Mid-IR wavelengths of 4-11 µm
  • High-power capability
  • Compact footprint
  • CW or pulsed output
  • Field-tested for reliability
  • Ruggedized design

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One size fits all OEMs. Not sure which laser is best for your OEM application? The H-Model is one of our most versatile products. Get in touch, and we’ll explain how to make the most of its many capabilities.

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