Mid-Infrared (Mid-IR) Lasers & Accessories

Breaking New Ground in Molecular Spectroscopy, Detection, and Imaging

Mid-infrared lasers are providing game-changing solutions to molecular spectroscopy, detection, and imaging in scientific research; the life sciences; defense and security; and process control.

We offer proven performance and an unmatched laser product range that includes the following:

  • Wavelengths from 3–13 µm
  • CW or pulsed operation
  • Rapid scanning
  • Broad tuning
  • Low RIN
  • Narrow linewidth
  • Multi-watt output

DRS Daylight Solutions is uniquely positioned to meet diverse application needs. Ask how our unparalleled product selection, proven performance, and highly experienced team can help to shape your mid-IR application.

Scientific Research

To make breakthroughs, researchers need cutting-edge performance they can trust. For more than 10 years, we’ve made it our mission to deliver the very best quantum cascade laser-based systems and accessories to mid-IR pioneers. With a laser product range that spans mode-hop-free tuning to ultra-low RIN, our customers can always choose an optimum DRS Daylight laser for their work. Researchers using our lasers have published over 150 papers in renowned scientific journals. These papers serve as an expanding resource of expert insight to help DRS Daylight Solutions customers choose the optimum laser for their applications and have confidence in that choice.


Standoff Detection

Detecting explosives at safe distances is challenging. IR laser spectroscopy is highly promising as a rapid, sensitive, and accurate method of meeting this challenge. Achieving high detection speed, sensitivity, and accuracy at distance requires high-speed, high-stability, and high-power mid-IR lasers. Our rapidly and broadly tunable lasers, like the MIRcat-QT™ and the Hedgehog™ laser head, offer industry-leading spatial and spectral repeatability as new tools for this demanding application.

Life Sciences

IR spectroscopy is proving invaluable for studying biomedically significant molecules and molecular processes. With diseases such as Alzheimer’s possibly linked to protein misfolding, with pain-free glucose monitoring as the Holy Grail, and with process control critical to pharmaceutical biofermentation, the stakes for advances in these areas are high. With a range of lab and OEM laser and wavelength options ideally suited to detecting bio-molecules, DRS Daylight is proud to offer sources that can serve these application areas.

Environmental Monitoring

With a pedigree that includes air-quality studies at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, DRS Daylight lasers are field-proven in environmental sensing applications, from CO to CHx to NOx to SOx. Whether the need is mode-hop-free tuning for proximity detection or high power for open-path measurements, our extensive choice of lasers and wavelengths means there’s an optimum solution for any technique.

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