CW-MHF™ Mid-IR Laser

Tune > 30 cm-1 Without Mode Hops

The CW-MHF Mid-IR Laser is the ultimate tool for high-resolution, mid-IR spectroscopy. If you need high spectral resolution, phase-continuous tuning to avoid jumping over spectral lines, or both, the DRS Daylight CW-Mode-Hop-Free laser will meet your needs. Narrow-linewidth operation and MHF tuning is a high bar to reach in any laser system. Unique in the industry, the CW-MHF system provides open-loop linewidths of ≤ 5 MHz (over 100 ms) and MHF tuning to > 30 cm-1, and often to > 100 cm-1*. Drawing on years of precision engineering and manufacturing experience, the CW-MHF laser achieves this performance with a highly stable laser cavity that, guided by finite element analysis, was designed to reduce susceptibility to acoustic perturbation. The CW-MHF laser also includes two ways to modulate wavelength: via a PZT or current modulation. This exclusive combination of wide MHF tuning, narrow-linewidth operation, and modulation capability enables high-resolution spectroscopy and/or locking to a wavelength reference.


CW-MHF laser

Features & Benefits:

  • Wavelength availability: <4 to >11 µm
  • MHF tuning range: ≥30 to 100 cm-1 (typical, depending on model)
  • CW power > 70 mW typical*
  • Linewidth (FWHM < 5 MHz (10 ms) and < 10 MHz (1s)
  • Wavelength accuracy of ± 0.5 cm-1 (± 15 GHz), unidirectional
  • Ultra-quiet, with RIN as low as -140 dBc/Hz, enables higher-SNR spectroscopy
  • Superb TEM00 beam quality, low beam pointing
  • SideKick controller, GUI, and SDK included with all systems
  • Proprietary HFQD circuitry to protect your chips

Techniques & Applications

The unique feature set and industry-leading performance of the CWMHF Mid-IR Laser enable a wide range of sensitive spectroscopy techniques and applications:

  • Spectroscopy techniques

    • High resolution
    • Rotational-vibrational
    • Cavity ring-down
    • Photoacoustic
    • Gas phase
  • Applications

    • Environmental monitoring
    • Fence line monitoring
    • Combustion diagnostics
    • TICVOCGHG, and explosives detection
    • Process control
    • Nanoscale imaging
    • Biomarker detection in breath
    • Chemical and biological agent sensing
    • IR sensor development

Product Specifications


Operation Continuous wave, mode-hop-free (CW-MHF) and extended CW tuning
Center Wavelength Availability < 4 to > 11 µm


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