The Mid-Infrared Laser: A Future-Proof Technology

In 2005, Daylight Solutions pioneered the commercialization of quantum cascade lasers (QCL) by combining QC gain media with our patented External Cavity QCL technology. The result was a robust, broadly tunable or fixed wavelength mid-infrared laser source. We earned a leadership role by bringing together experts from related disciplines and integrating technologies through applied research and development while maintaining a focus on scalable manufacturability. We are now the world leader in QCL-based molecular detection and imaging systems.

Core Technologies

DRS Daylight Solutions manufactures components, subsystems, and systems for sensors and high-power illuminators in the mid- IR spectrum, using core technologies including:

  • QC gain media, advanced through collaborative research efforts with our partners and made commercially viable through patented die attach and packaging technology
  • Anti-reflective coatings, developed specifically for QC gain media and mid-IR fibers
  • Miniature aspheric lenses, enabling advanced micro-optic packaging and diffraction-limited performance in the mid- IR spectrum
  • Telecom-style packaging technology, adapted to enable robust, miniaturized modules that function as flexible platforms for a variety of OEM applications
  • Broadly tunable mid-infrared laser sources, based on our patented ECqcL technology and tunable up to 25% of their center wavelengths, or 300 cm-1, in pulsed or continuous wave mode. Sources are also available with tunability up to 150 cm-1 in mode-hop-free operation.


Our patented designs and advanced manufacturing processes ensure robustness and reliability, with 1,000 to 10,000 hours of real-time operation. We leverage our core technologies to deliver commercial- and military-grade system-level solutions for these applications and others:

DRS Daylight Solutions customers enjoy a competitive advantage in their respective markets because of our future-proof technology and the collaborative, problem-solving partnerships we establish with them.

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