Aries-2™ Mid-IR Laser

High Power, Fixed Wavelength, Narrowband Output

The Aries-2 series is a family of fixed-wavelength, narrowband mid-IR lasers with an average output power of up to 1 W. The Aries-2 laser has an extremely robust and stable resonator structure providing users with superb linewidth control and wavelength stability, especially as environmental conditions vary. With a wide selection of quantum cascade laser chips available, Aries-2 can be factory-configured to suit different application needs.

Aries-2 systems include a SideKick laser controller, which gives you flexible, precise control of laser output power, temperature, and pulse parameters.


Features & Benefits:

  • Optical power up to 2 W
  • Wavelength availability: 3-13 µm
  • CW* or pulsed output
  • Linewidths of < 1 cm-1 (pulsed, FWHM) or < 100 MHz (CW, tuned to SLM) Output power* to > 1 W (peak) or > 0.5 W (average)
  • Superior TEM00 beam quality and low beam pointing allows fiber coupling
  • Superb wavelength stability: ≤ 0.5 cm-1/hr within operating temperature range
  • High power stability: < 2% rms (1 hr)
  • Current (amplitude) modulation up to 1 MHz
  • SideKick controller, GUI, and SDK included with all systems
  • Proprietary HFQD circuitry protects your chips

*Requires suitable chip(s)



  • Imaging
  • Illumination
  • LIDAR and DIAL systems
  • Standoff detection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • TIC, VOC, GHG, and leak detection
  • IRCM research
  • Materials characterization
  • Optical fiber testing
  • OPA/OPO seeding
  • Detector calibration

Product Specifications

Center Wavelength Availability  4-11 μm
Spatial Mode TEM00 (nominal)
Beam Divergence  < 4 mrad (full angle, 1/e2 intensity width)
Beam Diameter < 5 mm (1/e2 width)
Ellipticity < 1.5
Pulse Repetition Frequency  CW to 1 MHz
Rise/Fall Time (10-90%) < 100 ns
QCL Compliance Voltage  < 17 VDC
QCL Operating Current  < 3 A
Operating Range (Case Temp) 15 – 55 °C
Dimensions (L×W×H)  14 × 7 × 8.6 cm


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