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One Mid-IR Spectrometer with a Range of Uses

Our ChemDetect™ Analyzer is a fully integrated, self-contained, intelligent spectrometer that may be configured as a spectrometer or an analyzer to meet your process control needs in biomedical, security, and industrial applications requiring vapor and condensed-phase chemical sensing. This mid-IR spectrometer is based on our commercially developed military-qualified quantum cascade laser technology and combines the latest high-speed broadly tunable QCL technology with advanced room-temperature detection capability and an embedded computer with chemical ID algorithms. The ChemDetect Analyzer is compact and capable of measuring multiple chemical species simultaneously in real time, making it suitable for a range of applications.

Industrial Process Monitoring

Today’s manufacturing environment demands quality, repeatability, reliability, and efficiency in the production process. The mid-IR ChemDetect Analyzer provides your process with the feedback necessary to enable higher yields and lower costs. The ChemDetect Analyzer can be configured for gas, liquid, or solid monitoring applications. Communication interfaces, including Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, and 4-20mA, make it easier to integrate the ChemDetect Analyzer into your current process.

Protein Analysis

The ability to determine the secondary structure content of the α-helix and β-sheet by changes in the amide I band is enhanced with the high spectral resolution of the ChemDetect Analyzer. Additionally, the quantity of protein in an aqueous solution is easily determined by the broad tuning range available from the ChemDetect Analyzer. Attenuated total reflection and flow cell interfaces are available to meet the needs of every researcher.


Aqueous mid-IR spectroscopy is enhanced using the industry’s best beam quality for utilization of flow cells, with a TEM00 beam profile and pointing stability greater than 4 µrad. Trace detection of byproducts from bioprocesses in aqueous media and changes in growth media for those bioprocesses can improve your process monitoring. Open path, flow cell, and ATR interfaces are available.

Materials Processing

Polymer processing benefits from process control that can observe stabilizers, interfacial reactions, crystallization, and polymerization. The high resolution and spectral repeatability of the ChemDetect Analyzer facilitate accurate, repeatable, and fast measurements for process control and quality assurance of polymers. Transmission, reflection, and ATR cell measurements can be employed to optimize the measurement and minimize any interfering factors.

Gas/Liquid Phase Analysis

The ChemDetect Analyzer is unmatched in its combination of spectral resolution, wavelength accuracy, and acquisition speed. With spectral resolution of better than 0.2 cm-1 and wavelength repeatability of 0.006 cm-1 RMS, it is possible to measure rotationally resolved features of light gas molecules such as H2O, NH3, CH4, and CO2. Isotopologue ratio measurements become possible with the spectral resolution and stability of the ChemDetect Analyzer. For condensed-phase studies, the user can set the resolution to lower values.

Standoff Detection

Detecting residues of hazardous trace chemicals on surfaces at a distance is essential to keeping personnel safe. Used as a mid-IR spectrometer, the ChemDetect Analyzer enables detection to allow reflective spectroscopy at a safe distance, with the best-in-class beam stability and profile. The ChemDetect Analyzer permits active control of laser power with an internal reference detector that monitors and feeds back data to an embedded microcontroller, allowing the user to adjust output power to the same level across the wavelength spectrum.

Defense and Security

Remote sensing of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals is difficult due to the weight and power requirements of typical sensing systems. At less than 1 kg, our ChemDetect Analyzer can be mounted on a small drone or other unmanned aerial vehicle and transported to the threat to provide accurate analysis from a safe distance. The ChemDetect Analyzer can be made automatous with pre-programmed operation modes executed via the Linux SBC for onboard analysis.

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Accuracy at Distance

Mount the 1 kg ChemDetect analyzer on a drone to provide accurate analysis from a safe distance. Let us show you how to do more from far away.

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