Webinar | New inline mid-IR liquid analyzers with sensitivity beyond the ATR limit

Mid-IR spectrometry is a powerful and well-known analytical technique that can be used to measure isolated analytes and complex mixtures in liquid phase. However, until now, mid-IR analysis has been precluded from the list of workhorse liquid chromatography techniques because of the poor sensitivity of FTIR instruments and their inability to probe beyond the first few microns of the liquid surface.

In this webinar, we will introduce an entirely new class of high-sensitivity inline mid-IR liquid analyzers. Based on ultra-high-brightness tunable quantum cascade lasers (QCL), these analyzers are enabling routine, quantitative chemical analysis with analyte sensitivities going well-beyond the FTIR-ATR limit. This new platform technology also offers fast (10 Hz) scan rates, a large dynamic range (> 104) and an ability to easily measure small sample volumes (< 10 μL). We will present the physical operating principles of these new analyzers and provide several application examples including their use in fractionated HPLC measurements and chemical and biologic reactor monitoring.


Jeremy Rowlette

Jeremy Rowlette, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Scientific and Life Sciences
DRS Daylight Solutions

After receiving his doctoral degree in engineering from Stanford University in 2010, Dr. Rowlette joined Daylight Solutions as a Sr. Staff Scientist developing miniature, ruggedized laser sources for commercial and military applications. Since 2013, he has lead technology and business development of quantum cascade laser based analytical instruments for the Physical and Life Sciences markets. Today, Dr. Rowlette is responsible for the Scientific and Life Science Instrumentation Product Line at DRS Daylight Solutions and is committed to the mission of delivering cutting edge mid-IR technology to the biomedical and pharmaceutical markets.

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