The Mid-IR Advantage

Since 2005, Daylight Solutions has been pioneering mid-infrared solutions using quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology. Thousands of Daylight lasers have been used in a wide range of commercial, defense, and scientific research applications. Learn how mid-IR lasers can be an advantage for your application.


Bill De Costa
Business Development, DRS Daylight Solutions

William (Bill) De Costa is the Global Sr. Manager of Business Development for Pharma and Industrial products at DRS Daylight Solutions.  Bill has over thirty years of laser-based product development, marketing, and sales, with industry leaders and startups alike.  Bill was the Product Line Manager for Instrumentation at Coherent before turning his attention to startups and established companies deploying laser-based instrumentation for drug development, identification, and materials analysis.

Bill De Costa

Bob Shine, Ph.D.
Senior Sales Manager, DRS Daylight Solutions

Bob Shine is the Senior Sales Manager for Laser Products at DRS Daylight Solutions and has been at DRS Daylight for 6 years. Prior to joining DRS Daylight, Dr. Shine was the Vice President of International Business at Cutera, a medical laser company. Prior to Cutera, he served in a variety of sales and marketing roles across several industries. He received his Ph.D. in laser physics from Stanford University under the direction of Professor Robert Byer and he received both his undergraduate and masters degrees from Harvard University.

Bob Shine