Photonics solutions with our greatest performance in narrow linewidth and spectral purity

The PureLight family offers an unparalleled suite of high-performance lasers characterized by their narrow linewidth and unmatched spectral purity. At the heart of this distinguished family is the Stretto, a testament to the precision and intricacy that define our cutting-edge solutions.

High precision and narrow linewidth

Discover the groundbreaking Stretto, a key member of the PureLight family, offering advanced, high-performance narrow linewidth photonic solution. Inspired by the musical expression “stretto,” this pioneering tunable laser stands for accuracy and precision, mirroring the essence of quantum entanglement with its exceptional performance and slender linewidth.

Absolute Best-in-Class Performance

Our mid-IR laser products and accessories offer an unrivaled set of performance capabilities. Contact us to discuss your application, and we’ll find the right laser for the job.

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