Photonics solutions with our greatest performance in tuning

The trusted performance of our mid-IR tunable lasers lets you go straight to your application for a fast track to publication. At the core of our products is our ECqcL™ technology. This laser source is rugged enough for high-power illumination in aircraft missile defense and reliable enough for scientific research where a broadly tunable, precision laser system is needed.

We offer proven performance and an unmatched laser product range that includes the following:

  • Wavelengths from 3–13 µm
  • CW or pulsed operation
  • Rapid scanning
  • Ultra Broad tuning
  • Low RIN
  • Narrow linewidth

Broad Wavelength Coverage

DRS Daylight Solutions offers the most extensive library of commercially-available QCL for both pulsed and continuous wave (CW) applications from 3.3 to >13 μm. Daylight Solutions’ proprietary external cavity design allows users to tune widely across the spectrum when surveying for unknown molecules. Moreover, broad tuning enables higher dynamic range for greater sensitivity.

Up to four chips can be combined to cover your desired wavelength range in our MIRcat system or a single chip in our compact Hedgehog system.

Fastest Tuning Speeds: Peak velocities up to 30,000 cm-1/s

Daylight Solutions offers the fastest tuning speeds for QCLs on the market. Fast tuning not only offers higher throughput of data, but also enables applications where there is limited time to capture data. Rapid measurements give researchers an advantage in applications from cancer
research for fast screening of tissue biomarkers to spectroscopic measurements of hot gases.

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Tune 100s of cm-1 at 1000 cm-1/s

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Absolute Best-in-Class Performance

Our mid-IR laser products and accessories offer an unrivaled set of performance capabilities. Contact us to discuss your application, and we’ll find the right laser for the job.

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