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Scientific Products

Daylight Solutions' products are based on the company's External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser (ECqcL™) technology and serve a variety of applications. From broadly tunable precision laser sources for scientific research, to high-power illuminators for aircraft missile defense, Daylight Solutions' products are rugged and reliable. Whether you need laser sources, OEM sensor engines, or complete sensor systems, Daylight Solutions can deliver off-the-shelf products or customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Introducing MIRcat-QT™ - the Industry's First Ultra-Broadly Tunable, Rapid-Scan, CW-Pulsed Mid-IR Laser

Molecular spectroscopy applications benefit from rapid, high-SNR data acquisition. This demands fast-scan mid-IR lasers delivering high-quality light. Until now, rapid tuning has come with compromises. The new MIRcat-QT changes this. For the first time, fast tuning and high-fidelity output is available from an ultra-broadly tunable CW/pulsed mid-IR laser. Building on the field-proven MIRcat platform, and incorporating the next generation of Daylight’s field-proven Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology, MIRcat-QT delivers a unique combination of high tuning speed, wide tuning, and high peak or average power. All without sacrificing spectral resolution, spectral repeatability, power stability, and beam quality. With this unmatched performance, and unmatched performance flexibility, the new MIRcat-QT brings new capabilities and agility to a wide range of molecular sensing applications including: process and quality control; remote sensing; imaging; and spectroscopy.


Hedgehog™ – tune up to 400 cm-1 at >5000 cm-1/s! Introducing the Industry’s First Compact, Rapid-Scan CW-Pulsed Mid-IR Laser.

Hedgehog is Daylight Solutions’ next-generation tunable laser head. A radically new design, built on Daylight’s proven QCL technology, the new Hedgehog is a unique combination of: small size; tuning speeds to > 5000 cm-1/s; high-quality CW or pulsed output; high power; and unmatched spectral repeatability. Three Hedgehog models are available, allowing users to select the optimum model for their application: Hedgehog (tunes up to 200cm-1); Hedgehog-UT (tunes up to 400 cm-1) and the new Hedgehog-LT (tunes 30 cm-1). Hedgehog’s performance enables rapid acquisition of molecular spectra with high accuracy, repeatability and SNR. Hedgehog is ideal for laboratory use or OEM applications, and is available now! Please download the Hedgehog datasheet and contact us to learn more.


External Cavity Quantum Cascade Lasers (ECqcL™): Daylight Solutions has developed a suite of mid-infrared (mid-IR) tunable and fixed wavelength lasers to support today’s cutting-edge molecular detection and imaging applications. Our award-winning technology continues to drive growth in Daylight Solutions as commercial and research applications in the mid-IR expand. The molecules you care about have a color in the Mid-IR. If it has a color, you can see it and if you can see it, we can detect it.
MIRcat™ Laser
Über Tuner™ Lasers (Broadly Tunable)
Unicorn™ Lasers (Fixed Wavelength)
Tunable Laser (CW-MHF)
Tunable Laser (CW/Pulsed)
Tunable Laser (Pulsed)
Aries™ Lasers (High Power)
Ex-Demonstration Lasers for Sale: Learn More


Room-temperature, mid infrared (mid-IR) detectors are a natural fit with our room-temperature lasers. Discuss your application requirements with Daylight Solutions to explore options.
Amplified MCT Detector