Daylight Solutions

H-Model Ultraviolet Laser

Compact, High Power UV-A Laser Module

Compact, high-power laser modules are now available in the ultraviolet (UV-A) spectral region! CW power levels up to 1 Watt at 375 nm are provided from a fiber-optic pigtailed package, facilitating beam delivery and system integration. These lasers can also be operated in CW or pulsed mode. Daylight has leveraged its expertise in designing commercial products for operation in harsh environments to provide ultraviolet laser capabilities for applications that require high reliability in rugged applications.

Aries-2™ Mid-IR Laser

High Power, Fixed Wavelength, Narrowband Output

The Aries-2 series is a family of fixed-wavelength, narrowband mid-IR lasers with an average output power of up to 1 W. The Aries-2 laser has an extremely robust and stable resonator structure providing users with superb linewidth control and wavelength stability, especially as environmental conditions vary. With a wide selection of quantum cascade laser chips available, Aries-2 can be factory-configured to suit different application needs.

Aries-2 systems include a SideKick laser controller, which gives you flexible, precise control of laser output power, temperature, and pulse parameters.