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The SparkLight series is an innovative family of fixed-wavelength, high-power laser solutions designed to meet a broad range of application needs. The Aries-2 lasers stand out with their fully integrated system, incorporating cooling and controllers for out-of-box use. These lasers are distinguished by their exceptional control over linewidth and remarkable wavelength stability.

Our H-model series features durable, compact laser modules engineered for high performance, capable of delivering power up to 20 watts. These modules are designed for rugged environments, offering both reliability and compactness without compromising on power.

High-power, fixed wavelength systems and engines

The Aries-2 series, a subset of the SparkLight family, specializes in fixed-wavelength, narrowband mid-infrared (mid-IR) lasers, with an average output power of up to 1 W. The Aries-2 laser benefits from a highly robust and stable resonator structure, ensuring unmatched linewidth control and wavelength stability under varying environmental conditions. Available with a diverse array of quantum cascade laser chips, the Aries-2 can be tailored during manufacturing to meet specific application requirements.

Included with the Aries-2 systems is the SideKick laser controller, a versatile tool that enables precise adjustments of the laser’s output power, temperature, and pulse parameters for enhanced control and flexibility.

Compact OEM modules

Our H-Model Mid-IR Laser is a compact yet powerful solution for mid-IR laser applications, powered by the latest and most reliable quantum cascade lasers. With available wavelengths ranging from 4 to 11 µm, it offers customizable options to fit specific needs. This model supports both broad spectral output through the aggregation of multiple wavelengths or increased power output by combining identical wavelengths.

Designed to provide superior optical performance, the H-Model laser modules feature near-diffraction-limited, watt-level output in both continuous wave (CW) or pulsed operations, making them the ideal choice for a variety of OEM applications.

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